Let it Breathe: Black Mental Health Matters Playlist

The art reflecting our tragedies and traumas is often simultaneously overlooked and over appreciated. A playlist dedicated to facing your demons.


When Kid Cudi publicly announced his induction into rehab for depression, those who are die hard fans supported the Lord of The Sad and Lonely:




Cudi became of voice for many of us in search of hope in a deep depression.

Mental health has become a leading issue within the hip hop community after TDE’s Isaiah Rashad shared that depression was the cause to his delay to this second project, The Sun’s Tirade.

Just like Black Tumblr, music is a refuge and a safe haven for many of us. Concerts are our call to worship where we fellowship and lay out our problems in front of the stage.

Mental illness is not a game. Don’t fight your battle alone.

Black lives matter. Our lives, our minds matter. These songs matter. These artists matter. Their black mental health matters. So does mine. So does yours.


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