Is Childish Gambino Arkansas’s New A&R?

How TF is Childish Gambino so connected to Arkansas? Thank Twitter.

Sunday evening (November 6th, 2016) Donald Glover resurfaced on twitter to introduce his Royalty collective member, Little Rock, AK singer-songwriter bLAck pARty

This is the second time Gambino has co-signed a southern artist, specifically from Arkansas’s, giving his approval to Kari Faux in 2014 by adding her to his STN MTN mixtape. We’ve been wondering how Donald is so connected to the underground music scene of the Deep South.

Fam Udeorji, Donald’s manager, was scrolling through his followers on Twitter one day and clicked Malik Flint’s Twitter because the name caught his eye (bLAck pARty)

Both Kari Faux and bLAck pARty relocated to LA to pursue their music careers. But what if Gambino is taking note of the artists that are still in Arkansas? If Donald Glover is going to become an liaison for Arkansas underground, I have a recommendation to whom he should keep his eye on next:

Introducing: DMPWORLD

Arkansas’s youthful underground group with a sound reminiscent “Tear The Club Up” Three Six-Mafia–and as lethal as 21 Savage’s “Red Opps”. DMPJefe, DMPLiq, Beedy, DMPBandman, DMP LIQ & DMP Slicc all make up the DMP (Drugs, Money, & Power) collective that all hail from Arkansas (except for bLAck pARty’s big brother Beedy by way of Louisiana). Their unapologetic street wit is as authentic as Obama’s birth certificate (Because, he’s from here, bro #FDT).

In September  DMP member Darnelle Bandz (a.k.a. Snail)  passed away. Snail Gang is in memory of Bandz, he lives through his team and his music.

Beedy on Snail Gang: “Snail Gang is for our friend who passed last year named Darnelle Bandz but the homies called him snail…We go hard for snail because he wouldve been goin hard if he was still here…dats our heart now…its a few people dat are in snail gang that arent in DMP tho, they are in another local rap group called SME (SelfMadeEnt), as well as a few other members that dont rap at all…”

Look out for the Snail Gang as they continue to boil over the Arkansas underground. If Donald tweets anything about these guys,  know we called it first.

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