B.L.V.D Etiquette x DJ Legatron Prime – BLVDTAPE 001

The Dj who believes females can do anything a male can do… ESPECIALLY in the entertainment industry. The 24 year old Sage a.k.a Dj Legatronprime surrounds her brand around all things music and fashion. But one thing she loves the most is music. It inspires her in everything she does. Being that she grew up in music and was always surrounded by it, she had to find her mark where she can express her creativity. In 2012, she tried the turntables for the first time and now she has been officially DJ’ing for 3 years.

Being a female Dj from New Orleans she flaunts her eccentric style. From the start until now with her fashion and style taste to just her vibes she stamps her black girl magic into everything she does towards her brand. What’s black girl magic? Black girl magic initially started as a hashtag which defines everything black girls reign in, initially turning into the ultimate empowerment for black girls around. She believes it signifies the defiance of females in a male dominated industry.

Check out DJ Legatron Prime mix everything from Big K.R.I.T to Tribe Called Quest

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