More Bounce To The Ounce: A Playlist Dedicated to Chuck Inglish’s Signature Sound

With The Cool Kids return finally solidified, let’s hope that this long awaited reentry brings Chuck Inglish’s sound back to the forefront.

The Midwest has consistently been overlooked when it comes to music, birthing Motown and the soul songs many of us grew up hearing.

I’m talking about bass. ┬áHeavy, 808, knocking pictures off the wall BASS . Music that would shake the dust off your Monte Carlo (or whatever preferable old school vehicle of your choosing). I’m from the south, here, bigger the bass the louder your roar is among this jungle. Imagine being king of your block because of the ear piecing sub-woofers spilling out of your trunk.



Here are some essential songs we’ve come to love by Chuck Inglish. Play this loudly:

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