Sliktron Favs 2016

Kinda like Oprah’s favorite things, just with the random songs I’ve been listening to oppressively. Just as good. Promise.

The internet is already over-saturated with hot takes and fly by night music opinions, I’m not going to waste your time by restating what has already been said with the majority of these albums.

With so much great music coming out this year, its hard to digest so much at one time. Here are some of the albums and songs I spent the most time with:




Childish Gambino – Awaken My Love

Crafted and remastered by the same mothership that dropped off The Parliament in 1975, Childish Gambino released one of his funkiest albums to date.  But they don’t understand how I feel about the funk
I walk with the funk, I talk with the funk
I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk
I live for the funk, I’ll die for the funk


Isaiah Rashad – The Sun’s Tirade

TDE own Isaiah Rashad released his highly anticipated sophomore album The Sun’s Tirade September 2nd 2016, revealing his battle with depression and almost being removed from the label. Rashad show and proved throughout this album, solidifying his spot as the south’s most promising lyricist.


A Tribe Called Quest – We Got it From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

Honestly didn’t know what to expect from a Tribe album in 2016, but they found a way to stay true to the elements we loved about 90’s supergroup with timely and relevant commentary.


Cousin Stizz – Monda

With a deceptively smooth cadence between trap and wavy productions, on his sophomore project Stizz matures his lyrical content towards hopefulness out of grim situations and motivation for any hustle.



Nao – Get to know Ya

Hearing this song for the first time was what I imagined Afropunk After Dark would feel like. Or at least see carefree Black Women frolicking in total bliss since any glimpse of freedom is a rare chance. You know, one of those songs that stirs up a freestyle if the party fairs are good enough. Nao delivers this much fun every record on this album.


Cousin Stizz – Gain Green

I PLAYED THIS SONG ALL GOT DAMN YEAR. YOU HAVE TO PERFORM THIS AS SOON AS THE DIRECT DEPOSIT HITS (The big number. Before the taxes are removed and the bills are subtracted from your account).


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