Spitta Put Me On: 4/20 Playlist

Not your traditional 4/20 playlist

I miss jackin’ for beats–when an artist would flip a popular song and make it their own. Curren$y was a wizard at this. Shortly after his departure from Young Money, Spitta dropped six mixtapes in six months rapping over songs from Jay-Z, Marvin Gaye, Outkast, N.O.R.E., Big Pun, Common, and Camp-Lo.

Curren$y had an ear for some of the most jazzy productions in hip hop early on, fitting in the pocket like lint on most tracks he graced, and introducing many early 90’s millennials to unfamiliar album cuts from popular artist we might have missed growing up.

Below are some of the tracks he has used at the highest point of his mixtape era:

One for Da Way (Verde Terrace) – Why You Do That by Max B

All My Life (Welcome to the Winners Circle) – All My Life by Freeway ft. Nate Dogg

Spit Vicious (Fin…) – I’m Not You by The Clipse

Summer Reading List (Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly – The Food by Common

Intro (Higher than 30,000 Feet) – After The Dance by Marvin Gaye

Did It Myself (Super Tecmo Bowl) – Rocket Love by Stevie Wonder

Jets (Super Tecmo Bowl) – You Came Up Big Pun ft. N.O.R.E.

Raps and Hustles ft Fiend (Fin…) – Coolie High by Camp Lo

Redline (Life 30,000 Feet) – Skew on the BBQ by Outkast ft. Raekwon

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