Classic Blues That Today’s R&B Artist Should Cover

There’s a section of covers that’s being underutilized by our favorite artists.

Many classic blues songs would sound heavenly through the voices of the new stock of R&B talent that has emerged. Here’s a few cover my over active imagination would like to manifest.

Jorja Smith over “I Fall In Love Too Easily” by Chet Baker

giphy (7)

Imagine Jorja silky smooth voice accompanied with the warm sounds of a trumpet.

Ty$ over “Howlin For My Darling” by Howlin’ Wolf

giphy (38)

Something old school cool about crying out to a woman with a guitar in hand.

Gary Clark Jr. over  “Thrill Is Gone” by B.B. King

giphy (39)

Anderson Paak over “My Babe” by Lil Walter

giphy (6)

Both artist are cold as a polar bears toe nails and slightly disrespectful.

D.R.A.M. over Bo Diddley – Pretty Thing

giphy (8)

With tunes such as “Cute” and “Cash Machine”, Big Baby would be the perfect fit to recreated some of Bo Diddley’s more playful records.

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